Paint Expo Karlsruhe on 17-20 April 2018.

We will be attending to Paint Expo Karlsruhe on 17-20 April 2018. Our stand will be in Hall 3. All visitors are much appreciated.

İlke Endüstriyel is aiming to increase its production capacity 5 times with new equipment and machinery.

Two new additions by TRUMPF: TRU PUNCH 2000 and TRUBEND CENTER 5030

İlke Endüstriyel keeps adding new high-tech machinery and tools to its 9500 M2 closed production plant. İlke Endüstriyel has managed to control the optimization and production quality with the investments it's made. With its compact, easy-to-use, versatile and high-tech punching technology, TRU PUNCH 2000 provides high efficiency, high safety and energy savings. Thanks to its high welding efficiency and superior performance, our sheet metal processing capacity has increased to nearly 3 times. At the same time, we have enabled us to offer more flexible solutions to our customers with superior stapling technology.

TRUBEND CENTER 5030 is the best recognized brand worldwide in bending operations. Unlike other bending machines, it can process quickly and flexibly on complex workpieces. ACB Laser Angle Measuring System guarantees sustainable high quality. Thanks to this machine we can make twice as high quality bending. It is a very important step for our high quality policy.

Thanks to these investments, our total sheet metal processing capacity has increased to 100% and we have improved our quality awareness with our competitors. In addition to reducing the delivery times and costs of products, the quality assurance of our products produced with TRUMPF brand has also increased.